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Sports Massage (Pre/Post Event)


Pre-Event Sports Massage is designed to prepare the athlete for an upcoming event by "waking up" the muscles, which is a great way to warm up before workouts, practices and competitive events. Massage stimulates blood and oxygen flow which helps the body to be prepared for strenuous activities thus diminishing the risk of injury.


Post-Event Massage is designed to relax and soothe over-worked muscles after strenuous activities or events.

Which calms and relaxes the body's systems after strenuous activity, thus allowing blood flow and breathing to aid the body to return to normal functioning levels with less stress on the system. It diminishes the risk of cramping and releases toxins from the muscle tissues and promotes blood and lymph flow to carry these toxins out of the tissue to specific organs of waste elimination.


Olivia (Capaz) Baker, LMT • Certified Personal Trainer & Licensed Massage Therapist • MA#37863

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